"Absolutely amazing experience! Love the detail, care and professionalism! Would use these guys again and again 💯 worth every bit!!! Truly beautiful photography and artistry. They are an amazing team and wonderful to work with 💖👌"

the experience

A luxurious and personal journey awaits you with our boudoir photography experience. It all starts with a series of email exchanges and a phone consultation to schedule a meet and greet at our studio. At the meet and greet, you'll get to know us over a cup of coffee, take a tour of the studio, and sit down with our photographer, Gio, and our stylist and posing coach, Sammie, as she goes through her personalized boudoir prep guide that helps you prepare for your session.

On the day of the session, you'll be greeted with a glass of champagne and introduced to our hair and makeup artist, who will work with you to achieve the perfect look. While you're being pampered, Sammie will carefully select your lingerie and outfits that will flatter your figure and bring out your natural beauty, and match them with the perfect accessories.

Once you're photo ready, we'll begin the shoot, guiding you through a series of poses and expressions that will capture your sensuality and confidence with the help of Sammie. Gio takes great care to ensure that you're comfortable and relaxed throughout the shoot and works to capture your unique personality and beauty.

After the shoot, we'll take a break and you can sit down, have another glass of champagne, and relax while Gio sifts through all the photos, choosing only the very best. We'll then show you the photos on the big screen where you can pick and choose your favourites, narrowing down to your top choices with excitement!

A few weeks later, the moment of truth arrives and we'll invite you back for the grand reveal of your final photos and products. This is a pivotal moment for you as you'll get to see the art we have created together, a true representation of your sensuality and beauty. The look of excitement and awe on your face as you see the final product will be a testament to the confidence building and empowerment that took place during the entire experience.