frequently asked questions

i'm not a model, and i've never done this before. is this an issue?

Not at all! Our boudoir photography is designed for all women, regardless of their modeling experience. We understand that many of our clients may be nervous or self-conscious about being in front of the camera, but that's where our team comes in. Our professional stylist and posing coach Sammie will work with you to guide you through the process and make you feel comfortable and confident. Our experienced photographer Gio will capture stunning shots that will showcase your unique beauty and make you look and feel your best. Trust us to guide you every step of the way and make your boudoir photography experience a memorable and enjoyable one.

Do you provide hair and makeup?

Yes, we provide professional hair and makeup services as part of our boudoir photography package. Our experienced hair and makeup artist will create a look that enhances your beauty and stays flawless throughout the photoshoot.

However, we recommend prepping your skin and other beauty needs a week before the session for best results. All of this will be covered in our complimentary boudoir prep guide.

Do you provide a pre-shoot consultation?

Yes, we provide a pre-shoot consultation as part of our service. We will organise a meet and greet at our studio to introduce ourselves and show you around to help ease any nervous jitters! This consultation is a great opportunity for us to get to know you and understand your vision for the photoshoot. We'll discuss your preferences for hair and makeup, outfits, and any specific poses or shots that you would like to achieve. During this consultation, you can also ask any questions you may have about the photoshoot and we'll be happy to answer them. The pre-shoot consultation is a great way for us to ensure that your boudoir photography experience is tailored to your individual needs and that you are completely satisfied with the final results.

How do i prepare for my session?

We want to make sure your boudoir photography experience is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. During our meet and greet at the studio, we'll go through our Boudoir Prep Guide with you and answer any questions you may have. We'll also send you a link to the guide online so you can review it as many times as you need and prepare at your own pace. If you have any questions or concerns before your session, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're always here to help and ensure that you feel confident and ready for your photoshoot.

Can i extend my session on the day?

Time flies when you're having fun! We want to make sure you enjoy every moment of your boudoir photography experience. Our photography session generally lasts between 1.5-2 hours, however, we are flexible with time. In case you would like to extend the session by more than 20 minutes, there will be an additional fee on top of your session fee.

Do you sell albums?

Yes, we do offer albums as a product for purchase after your session. Our albums are custom designed and made with high quality materials to showcase your stunning boudoir photos in a beautiful and discreet way. They also make for a perfect and unique gift! If you're interested in purchasing an album, please let us know during your consultation and we'll be happy to show you samples and give you more information on pricing and customisation options.

when will i receive my photos?

After your boudoir photography session, you can expect to receive your final edited photos and any additional products such as albums, to be ready within 4-6 weeks of your photoshoot. We will order the albums and other products once we have received the full payment. We will keep you updated on the progress and let you know as soon as your photos and products are ready for pick-up.

We understand that sometimes you may need your photos and products sooner, we do offer an express delivery option for a 2-3 weeks turnaround time for an additional cost.

will my photos be posted online ?

Your privacy is important to us and we will not share your photos on any online platforms without your explicit consent. All models displayed on our website / social media / advertising platforms have given us written consent to do so.

can you help me find ideas for my shoot?

Absolutely! We are always here to help you with ideas and inspiration for your boudoir photography session. We understand that it can be challenging to come up with ideas on your own, so don't hesitate to reach out to us. Google and Pinterest have great ideas too! If you send us an email we will be happy to provide you with examples and ideas that will help you decide on the style and theme that best suits you.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes! we do offer gift certificates. A boudoir photography session can be a unique and special gift for a loved one or a special treat for yourself. Our gift certificates are customisable and can be tailored to your specific needs. You can choose the amount, add a personal message and have it delivered electronically or by mail. It's a perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, bridal shower, Valentine's Day or any other occasion. Please contact us for more information on purchasing a gift certificate.

Can my partner come with me?

Your boudoir photography session is all about you and we want you to feel comfortable and confident throughout the experience. For that reason, we do not allow significant others to be present during the photoshoot. However, if you feel that you need some moral support, you may bring one female friend with you. This will help eliminate any chance of insecurity or discomfort during the session and ensure that you have a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Can I bring a friend?

Please do! We highly encourage bringing a friend to your shoot!
Be sure to bring someone who will bring positive energy and enthusiasm to your boudoir photography session. They should be a true cheerleader for you, providing constant encouragement, uplifting compliments, and a boost to your confidence during the experience. Having a supportive and uplifting person by your side will make the experience even more enjoyable and memorable.

is a deposit required to book a session?

Yes, a deposit is required to secure your boudoir photography session. The deposit cost for a session is $195 and it is necessary to guarantee your booking. We understand that unexpected events can happen, so in case you need to reschedule your session, please let us know at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled session so we can make the necessary arrangements. The deposit will be applied to your new session and is non-refundable.

Do you have any age restrictions?

All clients must be 18 years of age or older to book a session with us. This is due to legal and liability reasons.

How many photos will I receive from the session?

The number of photos you will receive from your boudoir photography session will depend on the package you choose. We offer packages that include 12, 20, and 30 images. These packages are designed to provide you with a range of beautiful and diverse images that capture the essence of your boudoir photography experience. If you would like to receive additional images from your session, they are available for purchase on top of the package price.

When will i see my photos?

After your boudoir photography session, you will have the opportunity to view your images right away. We will take about an hour break to go through the photos, apply a quick filter, and select the best images for you. During this time, you can relax and have another champagne, watch some Netflix, or go and get some food from somewhere nearby.

what is the process to customise my products?

Once we are ready after the session, we will sit down with you and show you your photos on the big screen. This will give you the chance to make your selections for albums and products, and also customise the materials, arranging the photos, and adding custom messages etc. We want to make sure you have a great experience and are completely satisfied with your final product.